GeeTasks™ - view and update your Google Tasks from iPhone or iPad, online and offline.
GeeTasks GeeTasks-Pro
Type of Google Account Gmail-only(includes googlemail), no Google Apps Both Gmail and Google Apps (one account at a time)
View tasks from all lists in a single super-list
(in addition to regular lists)
No Yes
Future additional features Paid upgrade Free upgrade
iPad support Included at no extra cost Included at no extra cost
$3.99 $7.99
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  • View your Gmail tasks with native iPhone interface.
  • Mark your tasks as complete or incomplete, edit description and set due date.
  • More screen space than the web site, sometimes a lot more!
  • Works both offline and online - be secure in your knowledge that even if network lets you down you will get your things done.
  • Become recognized as a reliable person - when GeeTasks is always in your pocket you will always remember to fulfill your promises. You can even promise more than before AND feel better about being able to deliver.
  • Offline/manual sync mode - ideal for iPod Touch or those with a limited data plan
  • No need for expensive subscription service like some other Tasks applications - all that's required is a free Gmail account from Google
  • Share tasks with your spouse by using the same Gmail account
  • Nested tasks for complex situations

NOTE: Google Apps (custom domains, usually for businesses) is only supported in GeeTasksPro, not in the standard version of GeeTasks. GeeTasks is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Google.

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