Comparing bremelanotide and other drugs for increase libido

In case you don’t know about the term libido, it is an urge or desire of an individual of taking part in sexual activity. The lower libido can cause disappointment in front of your partner. Having lower sexual drive is technically termed as HSDD (Hypoactive sexual desire disorder) and to recover from this disorder many drugs and peptides are available in the market continue reading with Among them Bremelanotide also known as PT 141 is most commonly use drug worldwide. But have you ever wonder that is it worthy using this drug or not. Therefore, to help you out we have done comparison of bremelanotide with other drugs.

Comparison of PT 141 with other drugs

Working methods – Bremelanotide has been clinically proven to provide effective results. On one hand where other product works by increasing the blood flow in the body to provide erectile functionality, on the other hand this drug works by targeting the brain to release the signals and hormone suitable to increase the sexual desire.

Risk Involved – The only risk involved in using PT 141 is due to its abuse or improper or misuse. Otherwise there are hardly and risk associated with using the bremelanotide. The other drugs are reported to have side effects like anxiety, high blood pressure etc.

Price – Talking about the pricing bremelanotide is much costlier than other drugs like Viagra etc. It may become unaffordable for some people to buy the product.

Availability – PT 141 can be available on the stores nearby you and as well as on internet via various website selling this product. The availability of other product used for the same purpose are much more easily available as these product needs no special prescription. All you have to name the product in front of the pharmacist.

Long term effect – Long term effects includes both positive and negative aspects. Positive aspect is that it improves your personal life and help you build strong relationship with your partner. The negative aspect includes the addictive part of the drug if abused. One can get addicted to the dose of the product if he/she tries to abuse the drug or tried to overdose it for the sake of pleasure.

Our opinion to people out there is whatever peptide or drug you buy, one must consult an expert because there is hardly any peptide that have no side effects of its use. Since there are no side effect of PT 141 that has been reported yet, it is safe drug to use.



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