Everything you need to know about pt 141

Pt 141 is the synthetic peptide which is developed from the melanton2; it is the generic version of the medicine. If someone or you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then pt 141 is an ideal option for you. The medicine works to create the erectile dysfunction and impotence in men and improve the sexual arousal disorder in women.

The medicine is used by both men and women for those people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Pt 141 is different from the other medicine which treats the same problem. That’s why don’t take it as the other medications. There are some aspects which we are going to discuss below in this post about the pt 141.

How does pt 141 come?

The first thing is that in which form the medicine comes, it comes in the form of vials which is about 10 mg. If you take the light dosage of the medicine, then you should take up to 20 mg with 10 mg vials. If you want to take the effective result, then you should prefer pt 141 is with the help of injection as like the insulin. Don’t take the oral and nasal form because it doesn’t give you a much useful result.

Maybe these forms give you some of the side effects as like blood pressure.

How to take pt 141?

After knowing the form of the medicine, you should know how to take pt 141 for a better result. The dosage is:-

  • 30 mg, if you are the beginner in this medicine.
  • If you take the average dosage of the medicine, then 0.70 is the perfect dosage
  • To take the strong dosage, take the 1.5 mg.
  • If you want to get the extra strong dosage, then you should prefer the 2 mg.

Take the dosage of the medicine with the help of injection; it can maintain the strength and desire between the couples. To know how is it better then you should compare the medicine with some other products, and you will definitely find it better and useful.

How to store pt 141?

You should always store the medicine at the right place after using it. If you are opting the vials, then store it in the refrigerator which helps in remaining stable at room temperature.

Finally, these are some of the important facts that are related to the pt 141 which helps to give you the effective result in sexual activities.

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